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What’s flowering -Ferraria crispa

One of the most beautiful flowering bulbs along the coast in the Walker Bay region is Ferraria crispa. I took these photos in August on the Danger Point Peninsula. It can be found growing mostly on coastal sands, but also in … Continue reading

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Sheltering in the koppies

A walk through a recently burnt fynbos landscape is always lots of fun and full of exciting flowering finds. I recently visited an area burnt just five months ago at the end of summer in the Waterford section of the … Continue reading

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Biological control of Acacia cyclops (rooikrans) and Acacia saligna (port jackson willow) in fynbos

A total of 13 species of Australian acacias (Mimosaceae) have become naturalized in South Africa and are now declared invasive weeds. Two of the most successful invasive plant species in the fynbos are Acacia cyclops (rooikrans) and Acacia saligna (Port … Continue reading

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When the smoke settles new life begins

  During the first week of March 2015 a massive fire burnt across the southern Cape Peninsula. An area of about 5,000 hectares was burnt stretching from the slopes of Muizenberg on the Indian Ocean side of the Peninsula across and … Continue reading

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A sweet red surprise – Tritoniopsis triticea and the Grootbos plant survey

We have been identifying the plant species on Grootbos Nature Reserve since the beginning of 1997. Initially I thought the plant survey would take a year or two to complete. How wrong I was! Original estimates from diversity models (based … Continue reading

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What is flowering – Protea aspera and Leucospermum heterophyllum

Spring has certainly sprung in the Overberg and we have had a magnificent week with beautiful warm weather. I have been doing lots of walking in the fynbos and taking in all the magnificent spring colours, smells and beautiful flowers. … Continue reading

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Hunting in the Arum lilies

My six year old neighbor Nathan sent me this great picture of an arum lily frog Hyperolius horstockii which he had found in an Arum Lily (Zantedeschia aethiopica) on his farm in the Uilkraals Valley near Gansbaai.  This frog uses the arum flowers as … Continue reading

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Cape dune mole rat

I was walking down the driveway yesterday and came across this chap next to the road. It’s a Cape dune mole rat, the largest of all the blemols (burrowing rodents restricted to sub-Saharan Africa). Measuring 27 to 35 centimeters (11 to 14 … Continue reading

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Fynbos Forum Workshops feature in latest South African Journal of Science

Dear All We are pleased to announce that the meeting report for the Proteaceae workshop held at the Fynbos Forum in Cape St Francis earlier this year has now been published.  It is open access, and can be downloaded free … Continue reading

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Restios of the Fynbos – Els Dorrat-Haaksma & Peter Linder

Without doubt one of the trickiest groups of plants to identify in the fynbos are the restios. They often dominate the Cape Flora over large areas and while any of the other fynbos groups can be absent from a particular … Continue reading

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