Fire diary – 21 March

fynbos after fire on Grootbos

You can see from the photo above our post-fire landscape is still looking rather bare, but there are some traces of green appearing despite no rain having fallen.  However on closer inspection a number of plants had already re-sprouted and were in full flower. Below is a photo of the beautiful Kniphofia uvaria (red hot poker) that was photographed in full bloom just seven weeks after the fire.

red hot poker on Grootbos

Another species already flowering was Mairia coriacea (fire daisy), a species restricted to rocky sandstone slopes between Rooiels and Potberg that flowers profusely imediately following fire.

fire daisy (Mairia coriacea)

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  1. Andrew Knight says:

    Hey! Great to see this site up-n-running! Will be referring to it in the future, for sure. Seems a great way to keep the fynbos story alive. Well done!

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