Fire Diary – Week 2 after the fire

In the second week after the fire grasses and restios are already shooting and a number of spectacular flowers make their appearance in the landscape. Shoots appear from the burnt out bases of the large thatching reed Thamnochortus erectus.

Thamnochortus erectus sprouting after fire on Grootbos

The yellow flowers of the fire daisy Mairia coriaceae erupt from the charred and blackened landscape.

The fire daisy Mairia coriaceae flowering on GrootbosThe endangered (witbergpypie) is restricted to the area between Betty’s Bay and Potberg and also made its appearance on the the upper slopes of Grootbos in the second week after the fire.

Cyrtanthus leucanthus flowering on Grootbos after fireProbably the most spectacular appearance during this time was the many Brunsvigia orientalis (candalabra flower) that burst out of the ground, developing from a bud to full bloom in just a few days.  

Brunsvigia orientalis flowering after fire on Grootbos

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