Fynbos Forum 2014

Draft Registration form Fynbos Forum 2014 -v2  First Announcement Fynbos Forum 2014 -v2

Dear Fynbos Forum member,

Please note that the deadline for the submission of abstracts for the 2014 forum in Knysna was 4th June.


If you wish to submit an abstract PLEASE forward it to Nicky Allsopp at :  Allsopp@saeon.ac.za , as soon as possible.

Due to issues with maintaining and sending out circulars to a mailing list of over 2600 members, we have decided that the most effective way of making sure everyone gets the FF circulars is for individual members to subscribe to the newly created Fynbos Forum Group.


To carry on receiving circulars, please send an email to:
fynbosforum-subscribe@yahoogroups.com You will then get an email back from Yahoo Groups so that you can confirm you want to join (either by clicking a link or replying to the email).

Then save the following email address into your contacts list so that circulars don’t go into your spam/junk folder: <fynbosforum-noreply@yahoogroups.com>

If you want to have an email circulated to the group, please still send it to the secretariat at fynbosforum2014@gmail.com and the email will be sent on through the group.

Please open the attachments for the First Announcement and Registration Forms

Please send this message onto your colleagues as many people seem to have fallen off the list or have updated details.

Kind regards,

The Fynbos Forum Committee


Tessa Oliver
Project co-ordinator

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