Hunting in the Arum lilies

My six year old neighbor Nathan sent me this great picture of an arum lily frog Hyperolius horstockii which he had found in an Arum Lily (Zantedeschia aethiopica) on his farm in the Uilkraals Valley near Gansbaai. arum frog on fynbos hub

This frog uses the arum flowers as camouflage, feeding on unsuspecting insect visitors. It is a remarkable little frog that is able to effect considerable changes in skin color over short periods of time. It occurs between the Cape Peninsula and Mossel bay, but is becoming increasingly rare throughout its range as a result of the destruction of its wetland habitat.

I was amazed a few years back when some four years after completing a large artificial pond at Grootbos we suddenly heard the distinct call of arum lily frogs one November evening. They had somehow made the journey of at least 3 km from the nearest wetland area to our pond. This shows again how important it is to create natural habitats in gardens for wildlife and another reason why we should be protecting and restoring our wetland habitats.


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