What is flowering – Protea aspera and Leucospermum heterophyllum

Protea aspera - Fynbos TrailSpring has certainly sprung in the Overberg and we have had a magnificent week with beautiful warm weather. I have been doing lots of walking in the fynbos and taking in all the magnificent spring colours, smells and beautiful flowers. It also amazing how the birds seems to be in full song from first light – spring warmth and beauty is rejuvenating us all.

I was walking in some magnificent Overberg sandstone fynbos on a ridge-line overlooking Pearly Beach this week and came across some beutiful Protea aspera in full flower.

This is a rodent pollinated protea, hence its low, almost ground creeping growth form. Its prostrate growth form makes it easy for the little guys to reach into the flowers for a night time feast and then transfer pollen between flowers and act as an important pollinator.

A little way away on the same path I came across this beautiful ground creeping pincushion, Leucospermum heterophyllum (the tridentleaf  pincushion), another rodent pollinated species in the same family.

Leucospermum heterophyllum on Fynbos Trail

Spring is Protea meal time for rodents in the fynbos of the Agulhas Plain and a great time to explore and experience the regions magnificent floral diversity.


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