Position for landscape/horticulture student interested in fynbos

Hi Fynboshub

I have a small landscaping company in Somerset West. We work only with plants found in the fynbos biome. Although many species are available in local nurseries, we often have to travel far and wide  to get hold of suitable plants for our projects, We are planning on starting our own nursery in Somerset West very soon.Nurseries or private growers who grows fynbos plants and who can supply or sell fynbos material, are welcome to contact us.

Presently we have a position  for  a lansdcape / horticulture  student – either to do his or her practical work or for permanent position – although we also do garden maintenance work on  large residential developments, the student will be involved mainly with the garden design and landscaping side of our work.

Interested people can contact me by email.

Thank you

Johan Badenhorst

Email: fernwoodgardens30@gmail.com

Tel: 0714470413

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