Colour for your fynbos garden during dry season

I am often asked to help design gardens that will have colour and flowers throughout the year. With the abundance of Cape species that flower in autumn, winter and spring these months are not difficult to cover. However, late summer can be a challenge and two of my favourites are Tecoma capensis (Cape honeysuckle) and Plumbago auriculata (plumbago, syselbos). These are both hardy, local indigenous species that grow quickly, attract birds to the garden and flower well in late summer. I took this picture yesterday in the Grootbos gardens of a apricot flowered Tecoma (you also get them in red, yellow and pink) and a blue Plumbago (darker blue and white are also available). Planted together these two can provide a great natural screen against a wall or fence and add some much needed colour to a fynbos garden during the dry, late summer months.

late summer flowering fynbos species

Neither are indigenous to the Western Cape with Tecoma capensis growing naturally from Uitenhage in the Eastern Cape to southern Mozambique, while Plumbago auriculata flowers from December to May and grows naturally from George to Mpumalanga.

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