What’s flowering – Cyrtanthus leucanthus and Otholobium rotundifolium

Fynbos fan Bill Duminy of Wortelgat sent in these pics of Cyrtanthus leucanthus and Otholobium rotundifolium that he took in veld burnt a few months back on the Kleinriver mountain range between Stanford and Hermanus. Both species are well adapted to rapid flowering following fire, giving them an advantage over slower maturing species that take a few years to produce their first flowers following fire.

Cyrtanthus leucanthus (photo Bill Duminy)Otholobium rotundifolium (photo Bill Duminy)










Cyrtanthus leucanthus (witbergpypie) is a bulbous plant that is most profuse in the first year following fire and is a local endemic to the region, only growing between Betty’s Bay and Potberg on sandstone and limestone slopes. Owing to its localised distribution is has been classified as endangered in the latest Red Data book of South African plants.

Otholobium rotundifolium is a member of the skaapbostee family and is a re-sprouting shrub, enabling it to grow rapidly from underground rootstock following fire and flowering in the first year. It produces pale lilac to white flowers and grows on sandstone slopes in mountain fynbos from Jonkershoek to the Kleinrivier mountains.

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