What’s flowering – Gladiolus martleyi and Drimia media

After some really hot, dry months the first frontal systems have started rolling in off the South Atlantic, bringing some much needed rain to our dry fynbos landscapes.While on a short walk on Witkrans yesterday I was greeted by two flowering bulbs that have just started to flower. Gladiolus martleyi (the basterherfspypie) is a small, autumn flowering Gladiolus. The sweetly fragrant flowers are usually pale to deep pink, or occasionaly lilac to mauve, and it has two or three short leaves sheathing the flowering stem. It grows on sandy and rocky flats and lower slopes from the Bokkeveld escarpment to Albertinia.

Galdiolus martleyi on www.fynboshub.co.za

A little bit further up the same track I came across a colony of beautiful Drimia media.  This species has 10 – 20 erect, semi round leaves that are present at flowering time and these magnificent silvery purple-brown ‘çrown-like’ flowers. It is found near to the coast from Saldanha to Knysna.

Drimia media of www.fynboshub.co.za

With some more good rains falling at the moment I cant wait to see what’s going to appear over the next few weeks.

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