What’s Flowering – Gladiolus martleyi and Gladiolus brevifolius

As the seasons change, the mornings get cooler and the first rains arrive two delicate pink Gladiolus have appeared on the sandstone slopes of Flower Valley and Grootbos. Both Gladiolus brevifolius (Autumn pipes, pictured left below) and Gladiolus martleyi (basterherfspypie, pictured right below) are autumn flowering with pink flowers.

Gladiolus brevifolius on Grootbos nature reserve - Heiner Lutzeyer

Gladiolus martleyi on Fynbos hub, photo Heiner Lutzeyer








Both species have yellow nectar guides. Those of Gladiolus martleyi are generally better defined. G. martleyi has scented flowers whereas the flowers of Gladiolus brevifolius are unscented.  Gladiolus brevifolius grows from Piketberg to Cape Agulhas and Gladiolus martleyi grows from the Bokkeveld escarpment to Albertinia.

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