What’s flowering – Lachenalia rosea and Lachenalia variegata

Lachenalias are members of the Hyacinthaceae family. There are some 66 species in the Cape flora, many of which have become popular horticultural species around the world. Two Lachenalia’s, Lachenalia rosea and Lachenalia variegata are flowering in Walker Bay at the moment.

Lachenalia rosea has narrowly bell-shaped, pink, or a combination of blue and pink flowers. It has two lance-shaped leaves that are plain or botched with maroon or brown markings. It is flowering at the moment and grows mainly in coastal sands from the Cape Peninsula to Knysna.

Another species flowering on the lower sandy slopes overlooking Walker Bay is Lachenalia variegata. This species has a single, lance, or strap-shaped leaf with thickened, undulating margins. The narrow, bell-shaped flowers are greenish grey with darker green, blue, purple, or brown markings and white tips. It grows mainly in deep coastal sands from Clanwilliam to Gansbaai.


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