Whats flowering – Satyrium carneum

Every spring along the De kelders coastline we are treated to magnificent flowering displays of the rooi trewwa, Satyrium carneum. This year for some reason has been really special with literally thousands of these magnificent ground orchids in full flower.

Perhaps it was the good rains that fell steadily through the growing season of these plants. The only previous time we saw so many of these beauties flowering was the spring following the massive fire of 2006.

While I was wondering through the fields of bright pink Satyrium’s I came across one which really stood out with its unusual light pink, almost orange flowers. I have previously seen another natural variant with white flowers but this was the first time I came across one like this. Nature is really full of surprises!

Satyrium carneum on Fynbos TrailSatyrium carneum in full flower on Fynbos Trail






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